Student Housing/ Dormitory
Dormitory living brings set of rights as well as responsibilities. It is a new beginning for newly admitted student and the resident of Nazarbayev University dormitories. We are delighted to introduce them with an environment where we encourage the students to self-realize and be more active in the student life activities.

Living in the dormitories of NU and taking advantage of its academic, sport and other facilities will inspire the students’ future commitments to the University and the surrounding environment.
All rooms have beds, desks and closet space. Room dimensions vary according to the block. The space is limited and bringing the extra furniture is strongly prohibited.
  • Approximately over 80% of NU students reside on campus.
  • There are 7 residential halls (blocks) at NU.
  • Each residential block has Resident Assistant and Block Manager.
  • Newly-admitted students are normally assigned to four place rooms with roommates. In subsequent years, students will be transferred to double rooms with one roommate.
  • There are basically three different floor plans in the residential halls: 7-storey, 10-storey and 12-storey residential facilities.
  • Residential equipment, medical office, study rooms, laundry facilities, mini markets, vending machines, barber shop and canteens are available in the residential halls.