Nazarbayev University
Graduate School of Education

School of Mining & Geosciences


1. Dean, School of Mining and Geosciences

Responsible for: All Nazarbayev University School of Mining and Geosciences staff, with the Associate Dean, Executive Director as direct reports.

Main Purpose of the Role: The Dean is the principal officer of the School of Mining and Geosciences and is responsible for the strategic leadership and executive management of the School.

2. Computer Programmer, School of Mining and Geosciences

This position is open to the computer programmers and mathematicians who are expert in computer programming. The job initiates with Research Assistant position and in August, 2018, it is possible to switch to PhD in Mining Engineering through the same project.


 1. Write programs in a variety of computer languages, especially in MATLAB, Python and FORTRAN.
 2. Able to translate the codes in FORTRAN to Matlab and vice versa.
 3. Able to convert the mathematical algorithm to computer programs and codes
4.  Update and expand existing programs
 5. Debug programs by testing for and fixing errors
 6. Build and use computer-assisted software engineering (CASE) tools to automate the writing of some code
 7. Use code libraries, which are collections of independent lines of code, to simplify the writing

Contact information: Nasser Madani, PhD, Assistant Professor. 

Phone: +7 (7172) 69 45 40
Cell: +7 747 175 53 27