Nazarbayev University
Graduate School of Education

School of Mining & Geosciences


Hydrocarbons continue to be world’s leading energy source that drives the modern civilization. Kazakhstan is the 9th largest oil producing country in the world. Kazakhstan is also a transit country for oil and gas pipeline exports to China – world’s largest importer of oil and gas. Therefore, a BSc degree in Petroleum Engineering in Kazakhstan offers an exciting career in the oil and gas industry including academia. It opens opportunities to work across the globe in technically challenging and financially rewarding jobs. Therefore, the demand is high. Petroleum engineers are capable of addressing and solving important technological challenges, which will ultimately lead to energy security and socio economic success. In addition, petroleum engineers are responsible for producing hydrocarbon resources from oil and gas reservoirs. This challenging and rewarding field of engineering requires creative application of a wide spectrum of knowledge, including, but not limited to geology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and environmental science.

Program Curriculum
The program consists of basic courses such as mathematics, chemistry, engineering foundations, introduction to petroleum engineering, and others that will be delivered within the first two years. Third and fourth years delve into in-depth understanding of petroleum engineering subjects, such as, reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation, drilling, etc. The principal topics are principles of oil and gas production, and field development strategies as well as design and economic analysis.