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School of Mining & Geosciences


BSc in Geology

Geologists are scientists who study the earth processes, explore the earth for metals, oil, gas and water, and develop methods to extract earth’s resources. Geologists work on the extraction of minerals, environmental protection, and the rehabilitation of land after mining engineering projects. 

Bachelor of Science in Geology is a four-year program that focuses on the study of the origin and evolution on the Earth. The course involves the study of rocks, minerals, other solid substances, their compositions, their history and other processes involving them. The Bachelor of Science major in Geology combines a range of skills involving fieldwork, laboratory techniques and problem-solving skills to address key questions relating to the Earth. Being a geologist means applying techniques and knowledge from chemistry, physics, biology and math to answer important questions about Earth processes and to identify probable locations of natural resources. The program graduates are mainly employed by oil and mining companies. 

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BSc in Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering is the field of engineering that deals with the exploration, extraction, and production of oil and natural gas. Petroleum engineers are responsible for producing hydrocarbon resources from oil and gas reservoirs. A petroleum engineer chooses the best method for drilling and extracting oil and natural gas from a certain well. They keep an eye on drilling operations and fix any operational issues. They also decide how to stimulate an underperforming well and devise new strategies for recovering any leftover oil and gas from existing wells.

Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering is a four-year program that trains engineers for careers in the oil and gas production and services industries. BSc degree in Petroleum Engineering in Kazakhstan offers an exciting career in the oil and gas industry since Kazakhstan is among the largest oil producing countries in the world. It opens opportunities in the high demand market to work across the globe in technically challenging and financially rewarding jobs.


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BSc in Mining Engineering

Mining Engineers work in mining and mineral extraction facilities. They are in charge of coordinating and supervising all the activities in the mine regarding digging, extracting, and transporting minerals out of the mine. Mining Engineers specialize in designing, developing, and testing machines, techniques, and processes for harvesting geological material. Besides it, mining engineers can develop innovative technologies that will enable automated and autonomous mining operations, creating a safe working environment for miners in remote operating centers.

Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering is a four-year program that provides knowledge and skills in mineral deposit assessment, mine feasibility, and mine development by applying techniques in natural and applied sciences and mathematics. The program is designed to educate and train the students to perform the various functions exercised by mining engineers including planning, designing, operation and closing mines in safe, sustiable, environmentally responsible and financially viable manners.


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