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Undergraduate programs

BSc in Geology

Geoscientists are responsible for finding and evaluating mineral deposits, energy sources as well as exploitation and sustainable use of groundwater. The program graduates are mainly employed by oil and mining companies. You use your intimate knowledge of the earth’s surface to make educated gues...

BSc in Petroleum Engineering

Hydrocarbons continue to be world’s leading energy source that drives the modern civilization. Kazakhstan is the 9th largest oil producing country in the world. Kazakhstan is also a transit country for oil and gas pipeline exports to China – world’s largest importer of oil and gas. Therefore, a B...

BSc in Mining Engineering

Mining engineers are responsible for the planning, design, and operation of a mine to extract natural resources. They are involved in every stage of the mining cycle including exploring new deposits and deciding if they are economically viable, designing and constructing mines, managing the extra...

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