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Program description

Petroleum Engineering postgraduate program at Nazarbayev University is a two-year, full-time MSc degree program designed to provide students with a scientific background in hydrocarbon exploration, reservoir management, productions, and skills in the practical aspects of petroleum engineering. This program aims to train engineering professionals who can design, operate and manage petroleum operations as well as develop research skills and knowledge to provide support to the oil & gas industry to have sound, safe, and sustainable petroleum operations.


First semester Second semester

PETE501   Foundations of Petroleum Engineering (6 credits)

PETE502   Petroleum Geology (6 credits)

PETE503   Fluid Flow through Porous Media (6 credits)

PETE504   Advanced Formation Evaluation (6 credits) 

PETE505   Advanced Drilling Engineering (6 credits)

PETE506   Advanced Reservoir Simulation (6 credits)

PETE507   Advanced Reservoir Engineering (6 credits)

PETE508   Advanced Production Engineering (6 credits)

PETE509   Advanced Well Testing and Evaluation (6 credits)

PETE510   Research Methods (6 credits)



First semester Second Semester

PETE600   MSc Thesis (12 credits)

PETE601   Data Analysis (6 credits)

* PETE6XX   Elective I (6 credits) 

* PETE6XX   Elective II (6 credits)

PETE600   MSc Thesis (24 credits)

PETE602   Research Seminar (6 credits)

* PETE 600 Electives

PETE603 Advanced Thermodynamics and Petroleum Phase Behaviour

PETE604 Surface Facilities, Flow Assurance, and Processing

PETE605 Advanced Well Stimulation Methods

PETE606 Advanced Enhanced Oil Recovery

PETE607 Advanced Natural Gas Engineering

PETE608 Well Performance

PETE609 Advanced Well Logging

PETE610 Advanced Reservoir Geomechanics

PETE611 Advanced Reservoir Characterization

PETE612 Research Proposal Preparation