Nazarbayev University
Graduate School of Education

School of Mining & Geosciences


Program description

Master of Science (MSc) in Mining Engineering Program is a degree program to train engineering professionals who can design, operate and manage mining operations as well as develop research skills and knowledge to provide support to the mining industry to have safe, environmentally friendly and economically viable mining operations.


First semester Second semester

MINE500   Foundations of Mining (6 credits)

MINE511   Advanced Geostatistics (6 credits)

MINE512   Mining and Engineering Geology (6 credits)

MINE513   Rock Excavation Methods (6 credits)

MINE518   Advanced Rock Mechanics (6 credits)

MINE515   Advanced Underground Mine Design (6 credits)

MINE516   Advanced Mine Ventilation (6 credits)

MINE517   Mining Management and Sustainability (6 credits)

MINE514   Advanced Surface Mine Design (6 credits)

MSC616   Research Methods (6 credits)



First semester Second Semester

MINE519   Mining Maintenance and Services (6 credits)

MINE520   Thesis Proposal (6 credits)

MINE525   Master Thesis (6 credits)

* Mining Elective I (6 credits)

* Mining Elective II (6 credits)

MINE525   Master Thesis (30 credits)

* Mining Electives

MINE531   Operation Research Techniques in the Mineral Industry

MINE532   Introduction to Numerical Techniques in Rock Mechanics

MINE533   Rock Slope Engineering

MINE534   Mining Economics