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 The Laboratory of Rock Mechanics


The laboratory of rock mechanics was equipped in 2017 and includes laboratory equipment for the preparation and testing of rock cores, erosion resistance, abrasiveness and firmness. Complete equipping with a core drilling machine planned to be in 2018, as well as purchasing the Servo-hydraulic testing machine for rocks for triaxial compression up to 4500 kN.


The Laboratory of Mineral Processing


The laboratory of mineral processing was equipped in 2017 and includes laboratory equipment for conducting classes and research on fragmentation, sieving, flotation and magnetic separation of rock samples.


Mine Ventilation Laboratory 


Ventilation laboratory was equipped in 2018. Ventilation is an important aspect of the operation of underground mines, providing miners with fresh air when diluting or removing hazardous from mine workings. Studying the basics of the ventilation system, the rules and principles of design, mining students get practical experience through the use of laboratory installation of mine ventilation.


Computer Laboratory 

The computer laboratory of the School of Mining and Geosciences allows students to use various software programs such as VentSim, Petrel, Eclipse, Pipesim, Micromine, Datamine, Rocscience, FLAC3D, MAP3D, ISATIS and Techlog.


Welcome Message from the founding Dean

It is my privilege to welcome you to School of Mining and Geosciences (SMG) at Nazarbayev University.

The Republic of Kazakhstan possesses substantial amount of mineral and fossil fuel reserves. These natural resources will continue to play a vital role in Kazakhstan’s economy especially in the short and medium-term time frames. The School of Mining and Geosciences has been established in 2016 and aims to be the premier school for earth science education and research and t...