Petroleum Industry Guest Lecture “Drilling Engineering” by Bakytgul Dairova

Bakytgul works as Schlumberger Drilling Engineering Manager, Drilling & Measurements. Bakytgul holds Bachelor’s degree in Geophysics and has 12 years of oilfield experience. Bakytgul started her career from MWD/Directional Drilling specialist in 2006. Later moved to Drilling Engineering Center where was involved in planning and execution of drilling different wells in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

She was working as Senior Drilling Engineer in Gulf of Mexico (USA), Indonesia and Australia. Working in several locations has given opportunities to be exposed to different drilling challenges: deep water, drilling through karst, CHCD, geothermal, shared conductor offshore drilling (splitter wells), high-tier projects with latest technologies and high-volume projects.

On the 1st of November at 1pm, she will be giving a lecture to SMG students on Drilling Engineering.