Field trip to Bozshakol Copper Mine

On April 8, 2022, the third-year undergraduate and first-year MSc students accompanied by NU SMG Professor Ali Mortazavi visited the Bozshakol Copper Mine. Bozshakol is the largest copper mining operation in Kazakhstan where mining is conducted with state-of-the-art mining technology. The Copper Mine is being developed by KAZ Minerals company. At first, the students got through an instruction by mine personnel at the safety department followed by a visit to the mine itself and various technical departments. Then mine technical staff gave a technical presentation and demonstrated the mining cycle on the mine site and afterwards students had an opportunity to ask questions related to design aspects of the surface mining operation. The trip was concluded with a visit to the mining heavy equipment repair and maintenance shop, the copper processing plant, and the employee-training center of the Bozshakol complex. Moreover, during the visit, professor, students and mine technical staff discussed NU SMG's capabilities in conducting research projects as appropriate to the mine needs. The trip was highly appreciated by all students, and was very good in terms of encouraging students and giving them motivation to pursuing their future studies within the Mining engineering program.