The Complex Orebodies Conference 2018 in Brisbane, Australia

The Complex Orebodies conference hosted by The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) aims to provide researchers, experts with insight into the complexities facing future orebodies. The conference also allows to share speakers' experience and understanding of this crucial issue as well as offer solutions to facilitate the development of orebodies. The conference has started 19th of November, 2018 and will last up until the 21st of November, 2018.

School of Mining and Geosciences Assistant-professor Nasser Madani and two Mining Department students Yerniyaz Abildin and Nurassyl Battalgazy are participating in the conference among other 37 leading experts.

  1. Dr. Nasser Madani on "3D Estimation of Variables with Complexity in Cross-Correlation Structures"
  2. Yerniyaz Abildin on "Forecast the mineral processing destinations based on spatial interpolation of Geometallurgical variables"
  3. Nurassyl Battalgazy on "Mineral Resource Assessment in Complex Ore Deposits based on International Standards"