The National Industry Award “Golden Hephaestus”

Master student – Mr. Nurassyl Battalgazy – from the School of Mining and Geosciences of Nazarbayev University was awarded the best mining engineering student’s prize “Golden Hephaestus” at the National Industry contest in Kazakhstan on June 19, 2018.

The National Industry Award “Golden Hephaestus” is annually awarded to industry professionals, companies and projects, students as well as to journalists and teachers who share a strong sense of responsibility, professionalism and innovative spirit in developing mining and metallurgy industries of Kazakhstan.

Employees and companies of the mining and metallurgy sectors can take part in the contest along with the professionals of design institutions, educational centers and other related enterprises which bid to become the best in the mining and metallurgy industry of our country.

The contest aims to recognize achievements and progress of the companies and individual employees of the mining and metallurgy sector and raise the status and competitiveness of the industry professionals and inspire them to further continuous improvement of their professional skills.

Why did I choose the program “Master of Science in Mining Engineering?

After getting bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, I wanted to know more about other engineering disciplines. Luckily, when I was graduating, Nazarbayev University (NU) was selecting first students for the academic program Master of Science in Mining Engineering of the School of Mining and Geosciences (SMG).

After successful interview, I was admitted to the SMG graduate program and became a part of the NU Mining Engineering society where all professors are the best in their field of research and have huge practical experience of working in industry.

In the process of study and communication with our School Faculty I am very much aware that the mining industry in Kazakhstan is actively developing and mining sector already occupies a leading position in the structure of the economy of our country. Moreover, in the experts’ opinion, due to the changes in the legislation, a lot of investors will be attracted to the mining industry of Kazakhstan. These changes in the mining industry regulations encouraged me and strengthened my aspiration to become a highly qualified professional to contribute effectively to successful development of the mining and metallurgy industry of Kazakhstan.

Besides it, the internship in “Altyntau” (KAZZINC) assured me that I am on the right way. That is why, dear Applicants, I want to recommend you to choose MSc Mining engineering program because the professionals trained at NU SMG are in very high demand as the country mining enterprises are switching to more modern and highly efficient mining technologies with the application of the best world practices. For example, due to the transition to the international reporting standard for solid mineral resources CRIRSCO, Kazakhstan will need the professionals who will be fluent in English and understand the basics of these international practices.

The main advantage that the students of our school receive is sound academic background and education recognized throughout the world. Moreover, you have a chance to be involved in different projects related to mining. For instance, I am involved in the research project “Multivariate Mapping of Geometallurgical Variables with Complex Cross-Correlation Characteristics” under Dr. Nasser Madani’s supervision.

So, MSc in Mining Engineering is more than just education, it opens big opportunities for career development in Mining Engineering as the mines in Kazakhstan need to be accessed by educated and open-minded professionals.

On June 19-22, 2018 we participated in 25th World Mining Congress (WMC), which is the most significant event in the mining and metallurgy industry. WMC unites experts and scientists from different countries working in the field of developing solid mineral deposits.

On the top of intensive business program of the Congress and other co-occurring associated thematic events, the announcement of the winner of the major professional contest among employees and companies of the mining and metallurgy sector – the Golden Hephaestus – and the 2018 awarding ceremony was held for the 9th time.

I was pleasantly surprised when I won the Golden Hephaestus for the best thesis of the year. That is not only my achievement, the professors and administrative staff our School of Mining and Geosciences deserve credit for this accomplishment. Special thanks are to Dr. Nasser Madani for his knowledge, motivation and encouragement.