Interview of Professor Fidelis Suorineni

It is a fact that the modern world cannot function without mining. People do not realize that mineral products are significant components for cell phones, cars, energy towers, solar panels, wind turbines, fertilizers, machinery and all kinds of construction. However, mining industry is not only about extraction of minerals but it also is about achieving maximum productivity, finding ways to reduce the negative impact on nature, incorporating new sustainable technologies, curbing emissions. Recently Dr. Fidelis Suorineni, Professor of the Nazarbayev University School of Mining and Geosciences gave an interview to the Manufacturer where Professor Suorineni related on how mining industry can effectively contribute to the sustainability.

Professor Suorineni is a globally recognized consultant and award winning academic with over 30 years’ experience in teaching, research and consulting in Africa, North America, Australia and Asia. He has an enviable knowledge in the broad spectrum of geosciences and engineering and played leadership roles within this spectrum.

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