Chairman of National Geological Service Explores Collaboration Avenues with Nazarbayev University

Chairman of the Board of the National Geological Service, Yerlan Galiyev, held a meeting with professors from Nazarbayev University to discuss mutual collaboration. Among those invited to the meeting were the Dean of the School of Mining and Geosciences Randy Hazlett, Emil Bayramov, Milovan Fustic, Bas den Brok, and Aidos Zhankeyev.

«During the meeting with NU professors, we explored the prospects of establishing a thematic group for replenishing mineral resources and the possibility of creating maps for paleostructural mapping of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The contribution of the group of students and professors to geochemical research in the territory of Kazakhstan laid the foundation for future collaboration between the university and the National Geological Service» emphasized Chairman of the Board Yerlan Galiyev.

The parties also agreed to consider the possibility of using computer laboratories with Micromine software for training and research purposes for National Geological Service employees. In addition to this, discussions were held regarding the potential for internships and field practices for Nazarbayev University students at the National Geological Service.