Geological perspective of CO2 flow and pressure perturbation in the assessment of CO2 storage


We are excited to announce that on November 17th, our institution will host a groundbreaking seminar titled "Geological Perspective of CO2 Flow and Pressure Perturbation in the Assessment of CO2 Storage."

Key Highlights:

  • Expert Insights from Geovani C. Kaeng: Our distinguished guest speaker, Mr. Geovani C. Kaeng, a Senior Geoscientist at HALLIBURTON with a remarkable 17-year track record, will share his extensive expertise in CO2 storage, geopressure-geomechanics, and petroleum systems analysis. His presentation will focus on the physics of CO2 flow, pressure perturbations, and the significance of sealing lithotypes in CO2 storage.
  • Engaging Discussions: The seminar is set to spark engaging discussions, providing attendees with a platform to deepen their understanding of the nuances and challenges in CO2 storage assessment.
  • Networking Opportunities: This event will serve as a prime opportunity for students and professionals to network, discuss, and exchange ideas, enriching their academic and professional experiences.

Join us on this informative journey. Be sure to mark your calendars for November 17th and prepare for an enriching experience.