2022 Graduation Ceremony

On June 10, 2022, Nazarbayev University helded the 2022 Graduation Ceremony. After two pandemic years, this is a long-waited offline Graduation Ceremony for all NU community. Moreover, this year the NU School of Mining and Geosciences (NU SMG) is celebrating significant milestone in its history - the first cohorts of students to graduate with Bachelors of Science degree from the School. This year NU SMG had 26 students graduated with Bachelors of Science degree and 21 students graduated with Masters of Science degree.

The School was established in 2016 as the premier school for earth science education. The aim of the School is to educate professionals with up-to-date knowledge and practical skills in the field of geology, oil and gas sector and mining engineering. The first cohort of MSc students graduated from the NU SMG in 2019.