Expert Talk: Tackling the Hidden Flames – Control of Underground Coal Fire and Its Environmental Impact

We are thrilled to announce a special guest lecture at the Nazarbayev University School of Mining and Geosciences, featuring the renowned Prof. Zeng Qiang from Xinjiang University, China. Prof. Zeng will deliver an insightful talk on the pressing issue of underground coal fires and their significant environmental repercussions.

Date: 9 November
Time: 16:30 PM - 17:30 PM
Venue: Room 6.105

About Prof. Zeng Qiang
  • Prof. Zeng Qiang is a respected figure in the field of environmental engineering, with a robust academic background and an expansive career dedicated to the study and mitigation of environmental impacts caused by mining activities. With a Ph.D. from China University of Mining and Technology and years of hands-on experience, Prof. Zeng has made significant strides in understanding and controlling the ecological effects of coal mining, especially in fragile environments.
  • His accolades include prestigious awards for his research on thermal dynamic characteristics of coal fires and fire control technologies. As a visiting scholar in Germany's Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics, Prof. Zeng has also contributed to international research collaborations, further solidifying his expertise in this critical field.

About the Talk
The lecture will cover the following topics:
  • The mechanisms of coal fires and their initiation in underground settings.
  • The environmental impacts of these fires, including land degradation, air pollution, and the broader ecological footprint.
  • Innovative control measures and remediation techniques currently in practice or under development.
  • The importance of safety and environmental considerations in mine operations.