Publication in the Mining Journal of Kazakhstan

Dr. Fidelis Suorineni has been appointed a member of the editorial board of the journal, Mining Journal of Kazakhstan, which is a scientific and technological publication that provides comprehensive information on matters relating to the development of mineral deposits, new technologies, mining transport, processing equipment and mining geology, among others. The inclusion of Professor Suorineni on the Editorial Board of the journal is significant as it demonstrates how NU Mining Engineering can be of national and international relevance and impact the direction of mineral resources development and extraction in Kazakhstan.

Dr. Suorineni has published an invited paper in the journal entitled, "The Future Mining Engineer - What Will Be The Educational Needs For The Mine 4.0 Industry?". This paper by Dr. Suorineni examines advantages of Industry 4.0 to the mining industry, including its safety and productivity, and the role of universities in providing mining education to meet the needs of the mining industry. Professor Suorineni interpreted "Mine 4.0" as the mining industry's Industry 4.0, referred to elsewhere as Intelligent Mining, Smart Mining or Digital Mining. The paper also looks into the history of mining and how it has changed over time. He states that mining has been considered as a dirty, dangerous and unattractive profession. In historical mining, productivity increase meant more manpower at the cost of safety. The introduction of personal protection equipment (PPE) in the industry has drastically improved mine safety. The mining industry is currently its fourth revolution. According to Dr. Suorineni, "The face of the industry has changed from being labour intensive to being technology and data driven." In order to advance the technology and its use in the mining industry, mining education will need to incorporate courses that will provide the Mining Engineer with skills of technical report writing, data management, analytics and digital literacy. Dr. Suorineni concludes, "The focus of the mining industry on zero harm will accelerate autonomous mining and the use of robotics and automation. Sensor technology, big data, virtual and augmented reality, powerful computers and complex algorithms will dominate the mining industry. Traditional mine planning will undergo revolutionary changes to accommodate new technologies." Professor Suorineni predicts that the future miner will be an office worker.