NU SPE SC report


NU SPE SC has been dedicated to promoting the field of petroleum engineering through a variety of engaging and impactful activities. These include intellectual games, technical lectures with industry experts, guest lectures by professionals in the oil and gas industry, and team-building events for petroleum students. The chapter's efforts have resulted in significant achievements, such as a fourth-place finish in the PetroBowl Championship in Houston, Texas in 2022, and an increase in enrollment in the PE program at NU.

The chapter has had a profound impact on the academic and career choices of students by providing a diverse range of educational, social, and professional development opportunities. The chapter's commitment to fostering a strong sense of community among petroleum engineering students at Nazarbayev University has been exemplary. Additionally, our efforts have helped to raise awareness about the industry and its potential career opportunities, while providing students with practical experience and access to industry experts.

Our contributions to the promotion of petroleum engineering among students have been outstanding and deserving of recognition. The chapter's dedication to providing opportunities for students to develop their skills and connect with industry professionals aligns with SPE's mission to promote and foster the exchange of technical knowledge.


1. 2 PetroCup intellectual games. We provided a unique and engaging platform for students to showcase their technical knowledge and teamworking skills. The total number of students attended: 139.
2. 7 technical and guest lectures. Our club organized lectures where impressive oil industry professionals shared their technical knowledge regarding the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas. Topics such as "The Future of Professions in the Oil and Gas Industry" and "Is It True That Electric Vehicles Will Save the Environment?" have been discussed.
3. STEM Day event, which provided an opportunity for various science, engineering, technology, and mathematics clubs to showcase their activities and encourage more students to participate in STEM-related events.
4. As a branch of Astana SPE section, we participated in organizing SPE Annual Caspian Technical Conference. It was held 15-17 November in Astana. Our members managed to chat with professionals from companies like Petronas, Schlumberger, KMG, NCOC, KPO, TCO and many others.
5. Teambuilding for SMG students
6. Bowling games for students with professors
7. Conducted weekly internal meetings for NU SPE SC officers
8. NU SPE SC has been selected to receive the 2023 Student Chapter Excellence Award. This prestigious award is second highest honor a student chapter may receive and is awarded to up 20% of student chapters around the world.