Prof. Fidelis T Suorineni was appointed as International Expert to China Mining Innovation Committee, ENFI Engineering Corp.

Professor Fidelis T Suorineni of Nazarbayev University School of Mining and Geosciences (SMG) was invited to give a keynote address on “Big Data in Mine 4.0: Rock Mechanics Challenges and Opportunities” at the 1st International Intelligent Mining Conference organized by the China ENFI Engineering Corp. from October 15 – 17 in Beijing, China.

Professor Suorineni and Dr Gregory R Baiden (CTO of Penguin Automations Inc) of Canada gave a joint one-day post conference workshop on Intelligent Mining at the request of ENFI to 40 staff of the China ENFI Engineering Corp. on October 18th 2018. The following topics were covered in the workshop:

  1. Professor FT SuorineniBig Data in Intelligent Mining
  2. Virtual Reality Technology in Mining
  3. Dr Gregory R BaidenIntelligent Mining Overview
  4. Telemining/Mining Automation Systems
  5. Mining Robotics

On the 15th October China ENFI Engineering Corp. celebrated its 65 years of existence and service with the opening of China Mining Innovation Centre (CMIC). Professor Suorineni and Dr Baiden were appointed as International Experts to the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee of the China Mining Innovation Beijing Engineering Research Centre. Professor Suorineni was first appointed to this committee in 2016 as the first international expert and this appointment is a renewal of the previous appointment for a second term of service.