SPE Russia and Caspian Regional Student Development Summit 2020

Alinur Muratov, 2nd year undergraduate student at the School of Mining and Geosciences has recently won 1st position in SPE Russia and Caspian Regional Student Development Summit 2020.

The first stage of the Summit was about mentioning their GPA, research, Volunteering History in SPE and writing an essay on the topic “What will be the most profitable technology in E& P in 5 years?” In the period between 19th and 21st October, 20 students who passed the first task participated in a case championship. Before solving technical cases, participants from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Russia formed teams of 4 people. Those 4 students together worked as a consulting team that had a goal to choose the best field for oil field development. Teams had to analyze the oil market, project portfolio, geological data, economic efficiency, possible risk and create a field development plan. Professionals who work in the petroleum industry held technical lectures about the mentioned sections. Students were able to work in a realistic environment and gain experience. A second-year student of Nazarbayev University - Alinur Muratov was a member of a team that won the first place.