Integration of Data in Fields’ Development Plans

On the 8th of September at 11:00 in 6.507 will be an expert talk with consultant Ahmed Dawoud, Cairo, Egypt on campus at Nazarbayev University and Zoom.

The title of the talk is: “Integration of Data in Fields’ Development Plans”.

Some background:
  • B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering-Faculty of Engineering Cairo University- 1974

General Petroleum Company (GPC)-Egypt 1975-1977
  • Field Maintenance
  • Engineer
  • Gas
  • Desulphurization and Sulphur Recovery + Production Facilities in 7 Onshore fields
  • Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO) - Egypt 1977-1981
  • Field Engineer (Surface and Subsurface)
  • Three offshore oil fields with more than 200 oil producers on continuous gas lifting + Water Injection wells+ Water Injection Plant

Responsibilities included
  • Drilling/ workover/well completion
  • Production Operations
  • Exploration activities
  • Reservoir Management (monitoring and evaluation)
  • Open and Cased Hole log evaluation and workover studies

Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Petroleum Operations Ltd, ADCO 1981-2016
  • Petroleum Engineer Completion (Exploration, Asab, Bab, Bu Hasa, Sahil and Shah Fields)
  • Reservoir Management Engineer, Asab Field
  • Reservoir Management Engineer, Exploration and Undeveloped Reservoirs
  • Reservoir Management Engineer, North East Bab (NEB)
  • Reservoir Management Engineer, Al Dabb'iya (NEB)
  • On the Job Training Instructor (ED)